Our Signature Process is the basis of all of our offerings, including our 8-week coaching program and our workshops, and is based on the 7-chakra system. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel of energy or vortex. Each chakra corresponds to a consciousness center in the body, and works as the point of exchange between the physical world and pure consciousness. We use these as touchstones in our signature system because they address each part of the self that needs to come into balance in order for us to function at our highest and in flow with the universe.





We will start with a 2.5-hour clarity session to get you in touch with your deepest mission: how you aspire to serve and better the world around you. This is the centerpiece to all that we will do in our program together, the touchstone you will keep coming back to. In this first module, we will also identify your dream vision (for self, career, and community) and identify anything limiting you in attaining those dreams. We will look at your birthday and time of both and see how this affects your approach to career & where your purpose and blocks naturally lie. Everything gets easier from here!

  • Get clear on your goals + identify your limits

  • Co-create a plan for moving forward

  • Consider yourself through the lenses of Archetypes, Astrology + Human Design




set the foundation to allow for flow ⌇root chakra

Once we know where we are going, we can build a beautiful container for it. Think of this as the bones of the house you are building. We will talk about daily routines and practices (spiritual, physical, and mental) that will create the energy needed to attain the highest vision you hold for yourself. Lauren will help you to build a financial plan as well as the spreadsheets and weekly schedule you will need to keep organized and productive. We will help you uncover and move through any subconscious blocks coming up along the way (money is often a big one).

  • Rituals + practices

  • Lifestyle, movement + health

  • inquire about finances, schedule, structure

  • Determine motivation style

  • Unblock money issues




time to play ⌇sacral chakra

This is where it starts to get really fun. We will dive into the creative side of things and begin to explore what concepts and aesthetics speak to you. Your inner child can roam free here! What role models do you feel drawn to? What books and movies? What graphics? As we begin to play we will start to build a mood board for your entire life - once that we will pull directly from in the next phase as we work on branding. Again, we will unlock if “playing” feels frivolous or presents itself to you as a waste of time.

  • Get creative + curious; play, explore and feel free to roam

  • Exploring to get specific on wants, goals, visions + dreams

  • Unblock Work Mindset

  • Space to get curious about what it is that is and isn’t you

  • Curate visual representation + inspiration to pull from




own your unique power & attract your people⌇solar plexus + heart chakra

Move your dreams into reality. By now, you will have a clear sense of what you are moving toward and something to show for it. With the help of your community, we will come to understand your strengths and week points. We will dig into your Human Design and what styles of selling and spreading your message feel true to you. We will create a sales plan and look at the networks you can tap into to continuously build a tribe around your new offerings.

As we continue to build upon the mission and inspiration

  • Understand your ideal client

  • Look at your most natural means of selling and/or communicating your offerings & develop a sales plan

  • Build your network and tribe in a way that feels true to you

  • Understand your unique motivational style



put your baby out into the world⌇Throat chakra

We will solidify your branding here, looking at any hiccups that have come up along the way, and begin to implement it on your website and social media. We will look at any difficulties that have come up along the journey and workshop them as well as learn to practice gratitude for how far along we have come.

  • Spend time nurturing the pieces of your journey that need extra attention

  • Focus on your voice, self-expression, systems, logistics, or wherever you’re stuck

  • Show the immense gratitude you feel for yourself for following through on this journey


own the work + leave the rest up to the universe ⌇third eye + crown Chakras

The last piece of our journey is solidifying an understanding that as long as we are putting in the work, the rest is up to the universe. We will solidify practices for listening to our intuition as we continue to more forward.

  • Learn to listen to and trust your intuition, instincts + higher self

  • Solidify your continued movement + meditation practices

  • Find the tools that work best for you + create rituals infused with self-love and care



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