8 weeks to brand clarity

This is for the entrepreneur or individual who is ready to step into her authenticity.

The entrepreneur who is ready to get more professional and cohesive in her message so that she can increase her conversions on social media, on her website, and/or in her daily conversations. The individual who is ready to dive deeper into herself and get clear on what her purpose is, what message she is here to deliver.

In eight weeks, we will visualize and goal-set together, design your brand (whether personal or professional) and your signature content (setting you up for a sustainable and unique content strategy), workshop your lifestyle to set you up for continual success and growth - so that you feel 100% confident stepping into your purpose and bringing it into every avenue.

With eight weeks of continual coaching and guidance from the First House team throughout this process, you will uncover your blocks and move through the resistance seamlessly, flowing into your authenticity in order to build something bold + resilient.


An 8-week system based on the chakras


Week 1: Root CHAKRA

grounding ⌇safety ⌇stability

Olivia and Lauren will meet with you after your initial clarity session to investigate and reset daily routines and rituals. We will dive into what food you are fueling your body with, ways to infuse movement into your daily routines, and various activities that can feed your brain and rewire your mindset – all so that you can begin to build a foundation to feel confident and magnetic walking into any situation.



Olivia will meet with you one-on-one to deep-dive into your WHY so that we can build a beautiful foundation for the rest of our work together. We will use meditation and visualization to put your dreams on paper – your ideal clients (if you are an entrepreneur or founder), your deeper mission, the dream life that you fall asleep thinking about - and to understand what major steps you’ll be taking to achieve them IRL. You will start a mood board for your lifestyle or brand that you will add to throughout this process.

Week 3: root + sacral chakra integration

solidifying the foundation⌇

You will meet with Lauren to talk optimization of workflow and energetics and logistic of money, so that you seal in that steady foundation to build from and avoid the mistakes that MANY business-owners make when they start out. We will even talk insurance, taxes, and how to approach setting up an LLC.

Week 4: SOLAR PLEXUS chakra

self-esteem + worth ⌇ willpower ⌇personal responsibility

One of the First House founders will meet with you to workshop the limiting beliefs that are coming up for you through this process. Where do you feel stuck? Where are you meeting resistance? Where might this come from? We will meditate to bring you in touch with your authentic self and move through these fears so that you can continue upleveling.  

week 5: heart chakra

self-love ⌇ love ⌇ relationships

Building your tribe: One of the First House founders will meet with you to workshop your community. How supported do you feel as you continue on this journey? Where could you use more support? Do you have a network you can tap into as you align more with your mission? We will plan out a social schedule for you that feels sustainable and nurturing, and will get you to the right kinds of “networking” situations so that you can begin to meet new friends, contacts and/or clients with ease and joy.

We will also talk about loneliness and how to lean into it so that it doesn’t become overwhelming; and will create self-love affirmations you can incorporate into your daily rituals.

week 6: Throat chakra

speaking your truth ⌇

Our graphic designer, Allie, will work with you to develop your visual story.

If you are an entrepreneur: After an initial consultation, Allie will present you with a logo, color scheme, and other essential visual elements to launch your brand.

If you are a soul-searching individual: Allie will meet with you for a more holistic branding session. What is the message you bring into the world? How can you spread this message wherever you go? If you are making a career transition or updating your dating app profile, Allie can work with you on whatever your needs are in terms of personal branding.

Week 7: throat chakra integration

showing up in the world ⌇

Tier 1: Integration check-in with Olivia.

Tier 2: Our photographer Rob will continue to build your story beginning with a strategy session around shooting content for your brand. Based on this collaboration, you two together will decide on an hour-long shoot for initial content.

week 8: Third Eye + Crown Chakras

intuition⌇openness ⌇ imagination ⌇higher consciousness

Olivia will workshop with you how to tap into & surrender to your intuition and the greater universe – we will build tools with you for listening in and trusting your gut rather than following what you think you “should” do; and we will work with you through the fears surrounding that so that you never feel lost along the way and can be the unique, whole and authentic being you were born to be!


What’s included?

business coaching

  • 3-hour mini clarity retreat to start our work together and get clear on your WHY, HOW, and WHERE you’re going

  • Coaching throughout the process (8 full 60-minute sessions) with the First House team

  • Email access to Olivia between sessions so that you can ensure you are always getting the support that you need

  • Workshop & coaching with Lauren around time management, systems for success + the energetics of money


  • A one-hour virtual fitness assessment and personalized fitness plan + a custom movement routine from our co-founder and personal trainer Lauren Schramm so that you can remain focused and creative throughout the day

  • Eating guidelines so that you can ensure you are properly fueling your body and giving yourself powerful energy throughout the day

  • A custom morning or evening ritual/routine so that you can stay grounded and create a golden “zone” for yourself to work in each day

  • Mindset work + tools - so that you can feel held and nurtured as you are nurturing the business you are growing


  • Brand strategy package (mission, voice, ideal client)

  • 1 hour brainstorm/consultation session with our in-house graphic designer, Allie Iaccarino, and a follow up brand board including color palette, base logo, typeface, and 4 inspiration images

  • Brand mood board + imagery standard

  • 3 1- hour consultations (week 2, week 4, and week 6) with our in-house graphic designer, Allie Iaccarino

  • Final Brand package including logo elements, typefaces, color palette, and visual elements in various forms (online format, social media format, print format)

  • Photo storytelling workshop & 1-hour photoshoot with Robert Perea, our in-house photographer

optional branding intensive


READY to dive in?