Come to Tulum with us!

In five beautifully expansive days, we will break ourselves down to build ourselves up. We will leave feeling aligned and able to speak our truths powerfully.

In order to maintain intimacy, the retreat is limited to 12 female-identifying individuals.





In this era of technology, there is so much pressure to “brand” ourselves. In a way, whether we have 50k followers on Instagram, 500, or none, we are all influencers in our own sphere.

how can we be intentional about the voices we are sharing with the world?

We live in a world in which the rare person shows up raw & real. When was the last time you went on Instagram and saw a post that felt like an authentic expression of someone’s reality - their joys, their hopes, their fears, the full spectrum? When was the last time you had a coffee with someone like that? My guess is that it happens occasionally but not enough.

We are trying to change that. No, being intentional does not mean being an advocate for every cause you can involve yourself in (unless that is your calling — then please educate us!). Just as being authentic doesn’t have to mean posting a picture of yourself crying on a Sunday afternoon because you’re feeling a little lonely.

Being intentional & authentic means digging a little to figure out why your soul decided to put you on this planet right at this moment in the earth’s history. It means getting in touch with your purpose and upper-case Self, finding your voice and then using it; whether that means publishing your poetry on Instagram, sharing iPhone photos occasionally with your family, or realizing that social media doesn’t serve you in the least and doing away with it (a lovely message in itself). Our voice makes an impact - so let’s speak our truth.

Whether you are starting a business, needing a little recalibration, or just KNOW there is something inside you that you need to let shine through, you will move through this experience into an aligned and confident expression of yourself.


Our master Instructor:

Biet Simkin


A spiritual teacher and author, Biet was raised by an awakened Shaman to meditate as a toddler. Signed to Sony Records at the age of nineteen, she lived the rock ‘n’ roll glam life in New York City for years, until she finally fell to pieces as a heroin addict. In rapid succession, a near death experience, the tragic deaths of her infant child and father, as well as a fire that burnt down her home, propelled her to sober up. As she moved from meltdowns to miracles, she began to teach meditation to private clients, eventually founding a one of a kind system, Center of the Cyclone™ meditation.

Currently at work on a ‘how to meditate’ guidebook (which will come out a week before the Move Into Alignment retreat) under the Simon & Schuster imprint, Biet is one of only a handful of teachers in the U.S. qualified to bring meditation to the masses. Featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and numerous other publications, she has led meditations at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, Sundance Film Festival, and luxury hotels from Los Angeles to the Amalfi Coast. In addition to creating in room content for 1 Hotel, she has led workshops on how to meditate for executives from Sony to Soul Cycle.

Today, Biet immerses audiences in meditations that weave stillness, fashion, and a sexy rock ‘n’ roll edge into seamless, explosive experiences. Uniquely, she scores her meditation experiences with original music, letting audiences bliss out on shimmering melodies and mesmerizing vocals. Whether speaking to a corporate audience, global summits, leading a meditation at a luxury hotel, or working with a private client, she brings the same power and spark to the spiritual world.

Move into Alignment: The breakdown

  • Community

    We will build a sense of community, soul family, tribe, sanga, with our fellow retreat-members so that we not only have a sense of sacred space and safety during our time together, but so that we leave the retreat knowing we have women in our tribe who will support us along the journey of authenticity.

  • Ritual

    We will start each day with a daily ritual, and introduce new tools through workshops for intention-setting and mindset. You will leave the week with a full notebook of tools to draw on so that you can take a beautiful and grounding routine home with you wherever you go

  • movement

    We will curate daily movement sessions that will keep you in physical and mental shape and bring you closer to your inner self, so that you can clear your energy each day and have the tools to do so back home when you get back to the sometimes uprooting influences of work, family, city, and all the rest.

  • Rebirthing + reparenting

    We will guide you through the powerful experience of reparenting yourself through workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions so that you can powerfully identify and unblock what has been holding you back form your biggest and best expression of self. Our Temezcal ceremony with a local shaman mid-week will symbolize your rebirth into authenticity.

  • shine

    We will take you through a full workshop on branding - what exactly “branding” means in the first place and how to beautifully curate your unique story and perspective on the reality we share

    You will receive a private, personalized photo shoot so that you have the tools to tell that unique story for the coming months.

  • Transformation

    We have curated transformative speakers and experiences to shine a light through this experience: a master teacher-led workshop, two shaman-led ceremonies, and a surprise ;)

These experiences will build upon each other each day, guiding you through an experience of uncovering and rebuilding a fully aligned expression of self.


This retreat is an investment in yourself. No, it is not five days of massages and relaxation by the pool. This retreat, while restorative, is designed to be TRANSFORMATIONAL. Come ready to take a good, hard look at yourself and have some tough stuff come up. Also get ready for your life to completely change. We are here to hold space for your growth, to help you get some sh*t out of your system so that you don’t have to spend the next 8 years making and remaking the same mistakes until you finally figure them out.

Imagine having the kind of clarity that informs every future decision you make. Imagine feeling fulfilled EVERY SINGLE DAY - even the hard ones. Imagine getting EXACTLY what you want out of life - an amazing job that you love; an incredibly hot partner who supports you unconditionally; an adorable puppy; the freedom to travel anywhere, anytime; a bigger apartment - you name it, girl. It’s all about stepping into your WHOLE self. We’ll lead the way.

Some things you will take with you:

  • The knowledge that you deserve everything you want in this lifetime - and a plan to go after it

  • A deeper understanding of yourself, your core values, your blocks and limiting stories, and our collective consciousness (aka self love and love for all)

  • Tools for working through ANYTHING holding you back in your life

  • Tools for designing your very own movement and meditation routines, which will keep you on the track to growth & happiness (and a hot bod, too, if that’s what you’re after)

  • A community of women who have grown to love you a LOT in five days and will support you through your continued growth

  • MORE - keep reading



Our daily schedule is based around the following pillars: daily movement, morning ritual, wholesome + nourishing vegetarian meals provided on-site, and breaks for introspection, sunbathing + naps. Our week is designed as an inverse bell curve, uncovering and stripping away identity, “rebirthing” ourselves through our shaman-led temezcal ceremony, and building an authentic voice for ourselves with newfound clarity.



Fly In / Arrive at Holistika / Opening Circle / Dinner / Socializing / Icebreakers



Morning Movement / Identify Labels + Projected Self / Hot-seat Activity / Workshop with Biet Simkin: The Law of 7



Identifying Who We Are + Are Not / Shadow / Astrology + Numerology + Human Design


Empty out

Rebirth / Releasing Old Labels / Before + After Photos / Temezcal Ceremony / Identifying Dreams


Build Foundation

Stepping Into + Embodying Your Magical + Dream Self / Workshop with Biet Simkin: The 6 Processes of Love / Cenote Ritual / Dinner at the Beach



Mindset Workshop + Tools / Set New Moon Intentions / Solidify Personal Ritual Routine / Closing Circle / Head Back to the Airport / Fly Home



Biet Simkin’s workshops:

The 6 Processes of Love Workshop + Meditation on Day 2


Biet is a master of the 44 laws that prevent a human from enlightenment. Having studied with her father from birth and the straying to a drug and rock + roll lifestyle only to re-emerge an awakened teacher guiding people globally. 

In this workshop Biet will lead the group through transcendent physical meditation that incorporates breath work and Sufi gazing.  The Six Processes of Love is one of the 44 Laws and Biet will unlock this law for you with a talk on its workings as well as help you to workshop how the law is operating against you in your life. You will leave feeling reborn and new and ready to take on love in a completely new way. 



Biet is a master of the 44 laws that prevent a human from enlightenment. Having studied with her father from birth and the straying to a drug and rock + roll lifestyle only to re-emerge an awakened teacher guiding people globally. 

In this workshop Biet will show us how we use buffers to block our freedom and enlightenment. The interactive workshop will also incorporate Biet's signature meditation experience which is intense and heart opening (but in a Rock + Roll way, not the kumbaya way). 


THE hosts


Olivia Dillingham

Olivia Dillingham is a brand strategist, coach and writer who uses her coaching, artistic leanings & deep listening skills to help holistic brands and individuals discover their voice - online & in their own lives - so that they can build their audience and income quickly while feeling in alignment with the BIG message they want to bring to the world.

She is a reiki healer and a yogi - currently obsessed with Kundalini, craving a garden to get her hands dirty in, and learning all that she can about our planet’s natural healing systems.



Lauren schramm

Lauren Schramm is a private personal trainer with a natural tendency toward systems of optimization. She believes that structure provides freedom. She spends more time on spreadsheets than she'd like to admit and would thoroughly enjoy reorganizing your closet.

Lauren finds purpose in her unending desire to discover connections between the physical, tactile world and the energetic, unseen. She believes in experiencing life with an open, judgment-free mind and a willingness to whole-heartedly jump when prompted.

Improving upon yourself through growth is, in Lauren’s opinion, the greatest gift you can provide for others and her hope is that it is the one thing you never finish seeking.

@laurenschrammfit //

the team

We will be joined by Graphic Designer Allie Iaccarino and Photographer Rob Perea.



Stepping onto the grounds at Holistika is pure magic — tucked away in the Mayan Jungle, far from the bustling beach crowds of Tulum, sun-spotted paths (lined with plants, trees and mantras that meet your gaze just when you need them) guide you through the property. You will be surrounded by like-minded people that smile and wave as you cross paths. All language barriers are mitigated by the pure loving-kindness vibrating from each individual attracted to this sanctuary.

“The main intention of this sanctuary, is to offer a space for those who seek wellness, peace and happiness”

Holistika Tulum

Av.10 sur Mz 902 Lote 4, Tulum




Choose your room and leave the rest to us! All food - vegetarian, yummy + healthy - is included in this rate. Early-bird rates expire April 1st!

24/7 community

beehive dorm - from $1500

Each of the two dorm spaces has the capacity to sleep 12 individuals in twin-sized bunk beds equipped with a curtain for privacy.

Choose from either the all-female or the mixed dorm. Each space has a separate bathroom with 4 private toilets and 4 private showers.

You’ll receive access to two large lock-able cabinets; one in your bunk space and one in the bathroom area.

shared space

Shared queen - from $2200

The shared queen is outfitted with two queen-sized beds.

You will be paired with another attendee if you choose this option. To request a roommate, please enter her name in the form at registration.

The space features a private bathroom, hammock, desk area, mini fridge and lock box.

room of your own

private king - from $3000

The private king features a king-sized bed and will be located on the second floor with a view of the pool from the private balcony.

The space features a private bathroom, hammock, desk area, mini fridge and lock box.

all choices include:

  • Daily housekeeping — gratuity can be left in pesos

  • AC + WiFi

  • Access to both on-site pools

  • All meals included — most will be hosted on-site at the Tierra Vegetarian Restaurant

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  • the room of your choosing

  • airport transfers to + from Cancun Airport

  • all meals; including our night out at the beach

  • daily, conscious movement + guided meditation

  • daily ritual and movement routines to take home with you

  • custom astrological + human design profile from our in-house

    astrologer to draw on throughout the retreat and beyond

  • shaman-led temezcal sweat lodge & cenote ceremonies

  • master-instructor workshop

  • free time to hang by the pool, head to the beach, or take a nap

  • self-exploration workbook + magical goodie bag

  • story-telling + branding workshop with our in-house graphic designer

  • personalized photoshoot + 8-10 edited images to take home with you

not included:

  • flights — we’ve linked options below that will allow you to catch the airport shuttles we’ve booked

  • travel insurance — this is required; we recommend using TravelGuard

  • gratuity for housekeeping services — can be left in pesos (we will recommend how much cash to bring)

  • alcohol — if you choose to have a drink at dinner, on our beach night out


A Gateway to Different Dimensions

Tulum is a magnetic place, for reasons beyond the restaurants and hotels that line the beach: It is located at the major energy shifting vortex of our entire planet (!) - meaning that the environment surrounding us there can amplify our own electro-magnetic field. In this gateway space, we are offered healing energy and a door into different dimensions. This energy allows us to release old trauma and heal old wounds at an accelerated rate, propelling us into our fullest human potential.





Holistika Tulum is located 1 hour and 35 minutes from the closest airport, CUN - Cancun International Airport.

In order to ease this aspect of your travels, we will be providing transportation from the airport directly to and from the retreat space.

Choose from the flight options below to take advantage of the transportation.


ARRIVING: Monday April 29th from nyc

American Airlines AA1327

8:45 AM - John F. Kennedy JFK

12:10 PM - Cancun CUN

Delta dl438

9:00 AM - John F. Kennedy JFK

12:05 PM - Cancun CUN

United UA1050

9:13 AM - Newark EWK

12:25 PM - Cancun CUN



DEPARTING: Saturday may 4th to nyc

Delta DL787

1:08 PM - Cancun CUN

5:59 PM - John F. Kennedy JFK

United Ua1049

1:25 PM - Cancun CUN

6:19 PM - Newark EWK

Jetblue b6852

1:31 PM - Cancun CUN

6:26 PM - Newark EWK


If you decide to go with a flight other than those listed above, you will be responsible for your own transportation to and from the airport.

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