Our Signature System is the basis of all of our main offerings, including our base 8-week program and our workshops, and is based on the 7-chakra system. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel of energy or vortex. Each chakra corresponds to a consciousness center in the body, and works as the point of exchange between the physical world and pure consciousness. We use these as touchstones in our signature system because they address each part of the self that needs to come into balance in order for us to function at our highest and in flow with the universe.



step 1


root + sacral chakras

Movement and meditation – in this portion of our signature system, we establish daily routines and rituals that are grounding and keep us firmly rooted, in touch with our bodies and able to observe our minds so that we can move through our days in a more bright, productive and loving manner.

We also work on systems and money here - learning how to set up our time and schedules for success and how the energetics of money work so that we can begin to support ourselves and begin to see abundance coming through our door.



step 2

Finding authentic self and practicing self-love

solar plexus + heart chakras

Clarity and stripping away old beliefs – in this portion of the system we examine what it is the client is hoping to manifest, what they are struggling with or where they feel blocked. We then overhaul limiting beliefs and establish a connection to the authentic selves we were before we were taught those beliefs so that we can get into the amazing flow that is soul alignment.



step 3

Finding our authentic voice

throat chakra

Once we have touched into our authentic selves and begun the daily work of embodying them, we take on the work of expressing them fully and bravely, putting our soul’s purpose into action. This work includes branding workshops with our graphic designer, Allie and a photoshoot & content workshop with our photographer, Rob – we believe that whether the client is an entrepreneur launching a business or someone working through blocks around dating, learning the art of authentic and brave self-expression is an essential piece to this work.



step 4


third eye + crown CHakras

To complete the signature system cycle, we learn to tap into our higher selves and intuitions. Through meditation, intuitive movement, crystals, journaling exercises and tarot cards that strengthen our relationship to our own knowing, we learn to feel our way through the path forward so that we don’t need external validation of to listen to the “should”s of the world, but rather make space to do what we were meant to do.