These are our custom coaching + branding packages based on our Signature System.

Each of these packages is designed not only to rebrand your business, but to redesign your life. Each experience will bring you or your team immense clarity, an action plan, and someone to keep you accountable and self-loving through the process of launching or growing a business (or even just growing yourself!).

Getting unstuck can be scary; taking the leap to reimagine your future can be daunting… but there is SO much light at the end of the tunnel: work that you truly love, that has you excited to get to your desk each morning, and that gives you energy instead of taking it away. This is called your soul’s purpose.

We can’t wait to guide you through this beautiful journey.



digital unblocking journey

8 weeks to unblocking your potential

Our 8-week Digital Clarity journey is a digital offering that helps you identify your goals, your blocks, and any gaps in the nourishment you are providing yourself in your life so that you can find direction as you move through a personal transition or up-level into alignment in your career.

You will receive bi-weekly emails with fresh content and a check-in to respond to that you can make sure you are on-track and accountable to your own goals - Olivia will be replying to each of your emails with feedback and guidance along the way!

This package is designed to get you clear on your goals, to establish a kick-ass self-care routine that brings your movement and eating habits, your daily rituals, and your tribe into balance, to get you clear on what blocks are coming up and how to move through them, and ultimately to guide you to authenticity so that you can powerfully share your aligned message with the world and feel fulfilled every single day.


the intro

mini clarity retreat

Meet with Olivia for the two-and-a-half hours in the afternoon (virtually or in-person) + get clear on what your deepest mission is so that you can develop an unshakable foundation for your business. In this time together, we will do some deep meditation + visualization about your purpose and what fears are getting in your way. We will look at sustainable next steps - no matter WHERE you are at in this process - and get you on your way to a month’s worth of aligned social media content with Olivia’s done-for-you system. We will touch on each element of the signature system - daily routine, money + systems, branding and content strategy. Get ready to up-level fast.


the field guide

8 weeks to brand clarity

This is for the entrepreneur or individual who is ready to step into her authenticity:

The entrepreneur who is ready to get more aligned, professional and cohesive in her message so that she can increase her conversions on social media, on her website, and in her daily conversations - and feel fulfilled and self-loving doing so.

The individual who is ready to dive deeper into herself and get clear on what her purpose is, what message she is here to deliver, so that she can get started on building a life that feels fulfilling, energizing, and aligned.


Looking for a dose of clarity?

we offer a mini clarity retreat

a 3 hour session to bring you direction