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a creative collective for the new paradigm

The First House, founded by Lauren Schramm and Olivia Dillingham, is a creative collective curating experiences of self-exploration.

We believe in the creative process. We believe in the journey of the entrepreneur. And we are here to take a walk with you through both - at the same time. Our Signature System combines lifestyle coaching with business coaching with branding with content strategy - because it takes the right balance of these four elements to build something brilliant.



what we do

HOLISTIC BRANDING + business Coaching

We work with emerging entrepreneurs. We help them, through exercises of self-discovery, to become deeply aligned with the vision that they hold for the world so that they can feel aligned & whole every morning that they walk into the office and every time they are asked the question, “what do you do?”

curating experiences of Self-exploration

The First House experience is one of unbecoming to become. Through the experiences - retreats, workshops, field trips - that we curate, we allow individuals, in community and one on one, to dig deep, to shake up old belief systems, and to come to an expanded understanding of what it means to exist in this universe of ours.  When we break our egos down, we can readily access what lies underneath. Our hope is that we can emerge from these experiences newly able to express ourselves from a place of wholeness and authenticity.



First House is a nod to the astrological First House – commonly referred to as the House of Self. Central to the First House is the idea of new beginnings, who we are at our core (our inner child), and the becoming of our best self. The central question we come to in matters concerning the First House is:

Who am I, really?

The First House speaks to the person we are and will become, both internally and externally – the inner self and the outer body, entwined.


work with us


Each member of First House has personal experience with the self-doubtful, anxiety-ridden, and joy-filled process of starting her own business and brand. And we are here to hold your hand every step of the way.

We approach branding holistically, starting with YOU as the business-owner and making sure you have a beautiful support system in place through community and lifestyle. The First House Collective is here to guide you and to hold you accountable so that you don’t let resistance take you down. So that you can become unstoppable.


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Olivia Dillingham

Olivia is a brand strategist, coach and writer who uses her coaching, artistic leanings & deep listening skills to help holistic brands and individuals discover their voice - online & in their own lives - so that they can build their audience and income quickly while feeling in alignment with the BIG message they want to bring to the world.

She is a reiki healer and a yogi - currently obsessed with Kundalini, craving a garden to get her hands dirty in, and learning all that she can about our planet’s natural healing systems.


Lauren Schramm

Lauren Schramm is a private personal trainer with a natural tendency toward systems of optimization. She believes that structure provides freedom. She spends more time on spreadsheets than she'd like to admit and would thoroughly enjoy reorganizing your closet.

Lauren finds purpose in her unending desire to discover connections between the physical, tactile world and the energetic, unseen. She believes in experiencing life with an open, judgment-free mind and a willingness to whole-heartedly jump when prompted.



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