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A community dedicated to inner exploration and outer impact.



Welcome to the First House Collective, where our mission is to connect: to ourselves, to others, and to the earth. We are so happy you have found your way here.

Together we can change the world in a big way, to help it to shift into greater consciousness. That starts with work on a small scale, on the ground, guiding people to better understand how to feed themselves and the earth that feeds them: in mind, body, and spirit. We do this on retreat, in places where humans have a deep relationship to the land they inhabit. There, we can learn from one another.

Through inner exploration we create outer impact, for it is inside ourselves that we can discover the unique gifts we were brought into this lifetime to deliver.

The Collective

The Collective is what we call our community - all of the people who interact on our retreats and help behind the scenes. Stay tuned for a forthcoming announcement about the way this will eventually play out virtually as well.

Why “The First House?”

The First House is a nod to the astrological First House, which is the house of self, of firsts. We believe that we must know and embrace ourselves before we can be of service to others, just like with oxygen masks on airplanes. So, the First House is the one we build to know ourselves more deeply in order have a solid foundation. From there, we can begin to change the world.


Mind, body, spirit approach

Yoga, mindfulness, conscious + local eating. New ideas. A connection to the divine. A connection to the land. A deep respect for our place within it all. A knowledge of the horizontal and vertical planes that keep us grounded and connected up and move us forward. You get it ;)

On our retreats, we embrace all of these ideas to create an experience of slowing down, of eating only fresh and local food (together), of listening to our body’s and our heart’s intuition, of embracing inner growth, and of connecting to one another in the deep way we don’t normally get to.

Our basic structure, which sometimes happens out of order:

01. ground

A connection to the root chakra. Grounding through mindful eating, through yoga and meditation, and through moving for a few days at a natural human pace.

02. explore

A connection to the sacral chakra. Creative exploration through journaling, yoga nidra, immersing ourselves in + listening to nature and art.

03. actualize

A connection to the solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras. Connection and mirroring of our unique superpowers through community exercises.

04. connect out + up

A connection to the throat chakra, the third eye, and the crown chakra. More deeply understanding our unique self-expression through story-telling; connection to our intuition.


the First House team


Olivia Dillingham



Allie Iaccarino

creative director


A Letter.


Dear friends,

Welcome. It has been a journey and we have finally arrived. Right here.

I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I am in my mid-twenties, but I’ve always felt about 95. I feel most at home in the country - a recent discovery. I have many deep friendships and not much of a social life, these days. I love chocolate and yoga and writing, and I have never wanted to work for anybody but myself.

In all of the mess of trying to figure myself out these last few years - what I want to do, who I want to be, and how I’d like to contribute to this delicate world of ours - I realized that community was central to it all. The deep loneliness that has taken over me at times, the friends who have saved me time and time again from irrational despair, the deeply heart-warming feeling I get from bringing circles of women (of all ages!) together and creating a space for them to safely share themselves. That is what I intend to keep doing for the rest of my life: creating friendships, creating mentorships, and giving people the resources to deeply connect with themselves, with one another, and with the earth who desperately needs our help.

Slowly, together and alone, we can heal our planet.

This project is made up of two parts: The Collective and our retreats. I see them as two sides of the same coin. The Collective (coming soon in a more physical form - stay tuned) connects us to each other across distances and allows us to share precious resources so that we can help each other to grow and shine (mentally, physically, and spiritually). The retreats are week-or-weekend-long intensives that do the same while showing us the intense power of self-exploration and of friendship; my hope is that they produce breakthroughs and help each participant see his or her brilliant light in a new way, each time.

I can’t wait to meet you all, and I am so happy you’re here. If I can ever be a light or a hand to hold, just write me an email.





Ready to join us?

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